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We Collateralize Your Crypto

We make it easy to lend your crypto into traditional real estate assets.

How It Works
How It Works
How It Works
How It Works
How It Works

Step 01

Sync Wallet.

Trusted integration with third-party wallet synchronization. The protection of your crypto assets is our biggest concern.

Step 02

Collateralize Your Crypto for Cash Loan.

Bridgecoin collateralizes your crypto assets while avoiding the transfer capital gains tax.

How It Works
How It Works

Step 03

Lend Your Cash Into Cash-Flowing Real Estate Deals.

Utilizing collateralization, our team works with you to lend your crypto into real estate, building generational wealth.

40+ Years

of Real Estate Experience

10+ Years

of Crypto Experience

$3+ Trillion

Real Estate Market


Crypto Market

Unlocking Your Passive Income

Bridgecoin is your entry point to the opportunities available in leveraged cryptocurrency markets.

Consistent Passive Income

Receive monthly interest payments

Transition to Stability

Place your crypto gains into the most stable asset in the world, real estate

Be the Lender

Earn interest on your cryptocurrencies by lending on traditional, tangible real estate assets

Save Time & Energy

Kick back and relax while the Bridgecoin team manages your properties

Smarter Diversification

Diversify outside of the public markets with real estate, allowing you to reduce risk and improve stability

Institutional Quality Without High Fees

Our team consists of professionals who have combined experience over over 40+ years in Blockchain and real estate

Frequently Asked Questions

Join The Future of Real Estate Investing